A N - O U T L O O K
‘Mythical Anthology - an outlook’
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Volume 1 of the Mythical Anthology illustrates the complete saga of an outlook. It depicts a timeline of events: the inception of the first two group shows, the curatorial detonation of the venue, content production for the artist Simon Denny and a series of member-only nature-themed workshops.

‘Le Grand Trampolage - Opening’
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‘Le Grand Trampolage - Opening’ contains compiled information about the opening festivities of ‘Le Grand Trampolage’, the inaugural exhibition of an outlook.

‘Mythical Compendium’
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The ‘Mythical Compendium’ provides comprehensive information on an outlook’s profile and ideology as well as an in-depth explanation of the venue’s environment and facilities. Additionally, the compendium contains instructions regarding the art-making process during residencies: participating artists are required to read its content and understand its respective implications.