Main Building

The historic building dates back multiple centuries and is believed to be of aristocratic origin. Rumours claim that it has served as the summer residence of royalty, and had been passed down for generations until it was donated to the Mythical Institution. The estate is steeped in history: its rich legacy does not fail to disseminate the importance of pristine values. To this very day its archways radiate an aura of grace and beauty. Artists and visitors alike value the form and function of its unique architecture.

Greenhouse & Yard

The Mythical Institution prides itself on the preservation of native wildlife. A serious endeavour is made to ensure an unscathed environment for generations of artists to come. For this particular reason, the venue features a greenhouse that raises sapplings of native trees and shrubs. The indoor pond section of the greenhouse in turn aims to investigate water quality and practical uses of natural sediment for experimental material use.

Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden is a tranquil public green space located on the eastern gauntlet of the mountain plateau. This generous greenspace is a contested exhibition area.

Hedge Maze

The Maze has been historically utilized to seperate bad artists from good artists, as it is belived that only the good ones find their way out. The Mythical Institution publicly emphasises to not condone this rather archaic ritual and has ever since abandoned this practice.

Experimental Protestant Church Building from the 80s

An external exhibition pavilion that, despite its name, is not affiliated with any sort of christian belief.