Jan Berger
Institutional Genesis

After the dramatic detonation of the gallery building in 'Art ... is My Burning Passion' the faculty of the Mythical Institution was plagued with visions of resurrection. The ghostly apparition began to manifest: a realm on distant shore it dreams, yearning to be called into existence.

The Institutional Genesis shall comprise a series of communal events, workshops and social gatherings. As we together cherish nature's offerings the realm may organically grow and all sorts of things will magically curate themselves onto it's welcoming surface. Although the realm and its amenities are gradually summoned, the nature of its forme yet remains unknown. Upon accomplishing a symbiotic unity with its collaborators the Institutional Genesis will reach completion - and the realm's telos shall reveal itself unto us.

Though accessible for members of the Mythical Institution's Board of Trustees (MIBoT) its whereabouts are utterly incomprehensible to the public.