1: Orientation
26 February 2021
Bookbinding Workshop

The inaugural event of Is Marie Therese Good or Bad? aimed to successfully align members with the unique features of the Mythical Institution’s new realm. Members were challenged to make for the Marie Therese Memorial Estate, which is located on the island’s mid plateau. In order to do so, one must traverse a complex labyrinthian garden. Once adequately oriented, JanBerger hosted a sustainable bookbinding workshop. At the core of the workshop, we learnt how to responsibly source material which we then used to construct vegan books. The resulting products were subsequently used as journals for the following workshops.

2: Image
26 March 2021
Photography Workshop

The awakening of nature was imminent. As a token of gratitude the Mythical Institution sought to comfortably accommodate the vast menagerie of living beings which emerge from mother earth’s embrace. As such, a monument to pollination had been called into existence at the realm’s southeastern peninsula. The group of avatars wanted to cherish the miracle of creation by taking beautiful pictures of the myriad of biological processes unraveling there. Before the group approached the intricate ecosystem, JanBerger gave a short introduction at the Marie Therese Memorial Estate. The group then used the newly erected (free) public transportation system to reach the destination.

3: Conflict
30 April 2021
Mediation Workshop

High up in the mountains, there lies an ancient place of worship. Populated by a group of pagans who, according to rumours, engage in holistic liturgies and arcane rituals, the temple has historically served as an accumulator of ethereal energy. It was reported that an idol of immeasurable worth had been stolen by a primordial evil that infested the temple’s catacombs. The objective of the workshop was to retrieve the idol by means of mediation. By the end of the workshop we learnt how to reach a satisfactory resolution to a conflict. Key elements of the workshop entailed equipping oneself with protective gear, learning to engage in impactful discussion and how to effectively vanquish evil.

4: Legacy
28 May 2021
History Workshop

In the penultimate event of Is Marie Therese Good or Bad? the group wanted to reminisce about the Mythical Institution’s exuberant legacy. Guided by JanBerger, the group travelled to the northeastern outskirts of the island. A serene archipelago, they found ruins of old and insights of new. Having descended into the depths of the earth, knowledge was didactically imparted, and the squalls of history were felt — thoroughly.

Disclaimer: the final act of the guided tour contained explosives. Participants may have chosen not to engage in this optional segment.

5: Revelation
25 June 2021
Opening & Tour

A historic invitation: The solemn finale of Is Marie Therese Good or Bad? is upon us! To celebrate the completion of the Institutional Genesis, we would like to invite our dear members to partake in a ceremonial tour through the most recently summoned venue: a sanctum of intemperance and revelry. By the end of the tour the space will reveal unto us its collaborative purpose and the group will understand its nascent significance.