The Mythical Institution sits here, serenely, while we look on with fascination and awe. Is this place imaginary? If it is then it is only by someone else’s definition; our own sense of reality is blurrier. We have the fond memories of artistic endeavours that were once housed here, to be stumbled upon and treasured, and our joy is intact.

But, so the story goes, things are built up and up and there can be no certain future. Can we resist the reflex to languish in the glow of this beautiful institution and instead let it crash down before us? Yes we shall, and we will not fear it. The afterburn will reside in our memory, the brightest of all that went beforehand. This is the instruction: a detonation of the venue.

Those speckled dots of light are the burning embers of an institution that shall remain revolutionary in its rebirth. Look out, look out and remember that the past is only the pathway towards this present moment. Perhaps this is the revolution we have all been waiting for.

press release: Rose Goddard
event poster: Anna Hofmann
images & texts: Jan Berger