Museums of natural history and botanical gardens cover the assemblage nature offers, specifically of the dead and the primitive. Precisely situated in space, yet somewhere displaced in time the Mythical Institution embodies the enigma of contemporary art and its gallery an outlook is the perfect recollection of such controversy. Five artressess and three artists are on site to diligently stand in its current show ‘Le Grand Trampolage’.

Le Grand Trampolage, as the name already suggests, invites you to a sanctuary of past and post-mythological sentiments. Its elusive yet sublime elaboration by eight temporalities closely intertwines a communal commitment to a virtual space. The virility of flora and fauna colligated with the political agency of queer-feminist practices situated in an institution carries a futurity that is morphed into a complex argument. The psychology of Minecraft is conspicuous; endless resources become an embrace to disregard the surreality of itself. Le Grand Trampolage is an abstraction of the avatarian era of art production in which endlessness and amenability become a whimsical-utopian project.

press release: Arootin Mirzakhani
event poster: Kathrin Baumgartner
images & texts: Jan Berger