Jan Berger
Curatorial Concept

Le Grand Trampolage was brought to life following an extensive open call phase in August 2019 AD. The application form specifically demanded for artists to set a pseudonym so the highest level of anonymity was ensured. The application did not ask for work portfolios, since they are, of course, of ever so little importance. Instead, eligible artists were asked to describe their work in general and to discuss their motivation for attending the programme. The former aspect was, however, merely a red herring, since the Mythical Institution has little interest in such utterly mundane matters as descriptive documents. It was revealed that the real indicator of a successful application was the acknowledgement of the Mythical Institution’s all encompassing reputation. It also helped if the applicant’s three most recent show titles were to our liking.

For the residency phase from October to December 2019 AD, eight artists were invited to the Mythical Institution’s gallery an outlook to develop their work unhindered by mortal concerns. To adequately accommodate the participants, multiple amenities were made accessible within the legendary estate, such as the in-house library, a holistic canteen and a greenhouse. On the day of le grand opening, a pop-up bar was permanently installed. During the opening, chorus fruit was served, which artists were encouraged to collectively consume during the festive celebrations. Upon consumption, artists and visitors were teleported a short distance, which ensured an unforgettable art experience.

Towards the end of the curatorial tour, JanBerger revealed a secret passage that led to the ancient catacombs underneath the estate. Deep within the tunnels, powerful artifacts were found. Questions of conservational nature arose, after artists had decided to wear them for an impromptu catwalk session.