Jan Berger
Curatorial Detonation

After two exceedingly successful group shows hosted in the Mythical Institution’s gallery realm an outlook, the academic board intensively pondered about ways to honour its ethos of advancing contemporary art while sustaining a sense of curatorial flux. No solution has been found but the faculty is massively bored. And thus the Mythical Institution declares: the gallery shall be detonated.

A highly advanced circuitry powered the curatorial intervention on its opening night. It featured an arcane contraption that, upon activation, pushed a boat-shaped object upwards. This would activate a tripwire hook which relayed the signal all the way to the institution, where upon arrival, the dramatic events of this exhibition were set in motion. JanBerger, the curator’s avatar, observed the events from a safe distance in the recently erected pop-up control center.

Disclaimer: prior to the commencement of the event, of course, all living creatures have been evacuated from the precinct. However, the post-modern formalist paintings of wild flower fields (#bio-diversity) were deliberately kept in place for the grand opening. JanBerger has also stated his demand for the accursed pop-up bar to be blown to pieces.