Nicola Arthen
‘Chemex Coffeemaker’

Made from borosilicate glass and fastened with a wood collar and tie, the Chemex Coffeemaker brews without imparting any flavors of its own. Coffee beans are directly supplied from an artisanal coffee plantation that pierces the heavens. Surrounded by whimsical backdrops of late-capitalist brick wall aesthetics, you may have a cup of freshly brewed coffee up in the clouds or you may stay on the ground and douse your mortal, earthbound body in a fresh stream of boiling water.

🐝Offering 3 different kinds of coffee beans as well as a wild mix of flowers, the plantation is a biodiverse paradise for bees. Alas, the bees heavily disliked the free WiFi signal in the café, which they described as ‘somewhat disturbing’.

🍯🍯🍯🍯 ○
(4 out of 5 Honey Pots)

Fattini Brambel
‘Dummvolk, wach auf!’

Amidst the ruins of what seemed to be an indoor-camping site for petite bourgeois nudist Germans, evidence of crude conspiracy theories can be found. A manifest inside the camping sanctum suggests that it was former US president Barack Obama who appointed pope Francis, and that Jesus Christ has finally returned to his place of birth: the German city of Bielefeld. After the nudists abandoned the space, it was reclaimed by communities of boars and parrots.

🐝The exodus of the nudist-camping community led to great delight for the bees. They are pleased that numerous native species reclaimed the garden space and that fauna and flora may once again thrive.

(5 out of 5 Honey Pots)

Johannes Büttner
Nicholas Warburg
‘Spira666 Jett999’

In their satanic rendition of Robert Smithson’s earth sculpture Spiral Jetty, Johannes Büttner and Nicholas Warburg emphasise the sinful pleasures of late capitalist society. Resembling the number of the beast, the three spirals allude to satanic practices: amidst opulent diamond ore and artificial beaches you shall submit yourselves to unholy pleasures. Eternal sunshine in the pits of hell!

🐝The bees could not grasp the nature of Büttner’s and Warburg’s work and felt vastly indifferent about it.

🍯🍯 ○ ○ ○
(2 out of 5 Honey Pots)

The HONEY SUCKLE FIVE, a recreational members-only lounge, may only be entered by bees or bee-enablers who prove worthy. Inside the VIP room, where bees-dressed-up-as-humans and humans-dressed-up-as-bees congregate, you may learn about the dark and violent past of the HONEY SUCKLE FIVE and how the club seeks to advocate for bee-politics in the age of the anthropocene.

🐝The bees appreciate the wellness facilities and the potential increase in visibility regarding bee-demands and pro-bee-politics. However, they addressed the extensive soil sealing that occurred during the construction of the upper floors.

🍯🍯🍯🍯 ○
(4 out of 5 Honey Pots)

Nina Kettiger
‘Score for Promenade, Loop nr.1’

Nina Kettiger takes the visitor on a choreographed path of sound and repetition. Alluding to dance and notation conventions, Kettiger’s multi-sensory pathway leads to a monumental tower, where liturgical gatherings are employed to worship the gallery’s demi-god bees, who dwell in plain sight. The path concludes in a full circle.

🐝The bees are utterly pleased having received a monument that honours their influence and power. They also appreciated that the tower encouraged human beings to end their lives by jumping from great heights during the opening of the exhibition. Alas, they complained about the frequency of the sounds generated by the choreographic pathway, which seemed to interfere with their orientation senses.

🍯🍯🍯 ○ ○
(3 out of 5 Honey Pots)

Jeffrey Alan Scudder
‘The Jeffrey Alan Scudder Memorial’

The Jeffrey Alan Scudder Memorial was specifically erected to collectively engage in silent reminiscence. During the opening, a mysterious traveller named Whistlegraph appeared and held a performative commemoration ceremony. Remembering the disappearance of Jeffrey Alan Scudder’s avatar, participants were asked to put up signposts depicting their favourite sideways smiley in proximity to the memorial.

🐝The bees themselves are great connoisseurs of the arcane arts of participatory performances. They appreciated the gesture, although they feel a paramount indifference to the destiny of Jeffrey Alan Scudder’s avatar.

🍯🍯🍯 ○ ○
(3 out of 5 Honey Pots)