Mythical Institution - Outpost

Resting atop a mountain plateau, the Outpost may be entered through the south gate after ascending an antique, yet reliable staircase that directly leads to the southernmost access plate. The venue is nestled within an even higher mountain range to both east and west.

Great Bay

The adamant walls of the Outpost rise above a dramatic coastal panorama. The Great Bay is home to a rich spectrum of maritime fauna and flora. Although fairly uncommon, participating artists have reported the sighting of dolphins from atop the northern archway of the Outpost.

Ancient Swamplands

The Ancient Swamplands lie to the west of the Outpost. The murky waters are not uncomplicated to traverse by foot, hence, the Mythical Institution recommends to not cross them without boat.

Tomb of Janet Leigh

It has recently been reported that the tomb of Janet Leigh was discovered in the ancient swamplands northwest of the Mythical Institution - Outpost. The former Hollywood actress rose to fame after she had been scouted working at a ski resort in the Winter of 1945 - 1946. She achieved her most lasting recognition as the doomed Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960), which earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. A synopsis of Janet Leigh’s life can be found scattered within the tomb’s vicinity.

Southern Reaches

To the south the Outpost is gazing across the far reaches of lush woodland. The Southern Reaches stretch all the way to the Marie Therese Memorial Lake and consist of dense oak forests and occasional clearings.

Marie Therese Memorial Lake

The serene waters of the Marie Therese Memorial Lake are protected and declared a low-emission zone. It is prohibited to enter the water, litter or to have a Barbecue.

Academy Plateau

The Mountain range to the east of the Outpost features a plethora of different layers of rock that are rich in various minerals. There used to be an active volcano here, although only a small natural lava stream reminds of its geological past.

Mythical Wetlands

A humid stretch of land consisting of mainly birch trees and small rivers. It surrounds the outer corners of the swamp with rather dense bushes.

Outer Continent

Some say it lies on the edge of the very world itself. Rumours claim it is home to an ancient civilisation. No one has ever set foot on the Outer Continent to prove this theory though...