We strive to provide the most intensive educational programme for our participants in order to challenge the prevalent landscape of contemporary art practices. The duration of the Institution's programme comprises an intensive and well funded year (from September to August) with the possibility to extend to a total length of two years. However, most participants see themselves launched into stardom within less than one year.


The Mythical Institution provides a vast selection of highly professionalised, extraordinarily equipped workshops. All workshops are located within the main building and can be accessed within opening times (opening times may vary. Visit workshops for further inquiries.).


The library of the Mythical Institution features an impressive selection of publications aligned with its ideosyncratic beliefs and approach to contemporary art practices. The collection of monographs of relevant contemporary artists is supplemented by a press archive, containing catalogues of participants, alumni and teachers. The library and online catalogue is accessible for participants and staff only.

public lecture programme

There is no public lecture programme. All lectures are exclusively accessible for participants who are officially enrolled at the Mythical Institution. Currently there is no way to enroll as a guest.