We accept a wide range of media, including unorthodox approaches. However, we would kindly ask you to refrain from submitting performances that showcase nudity for the sake of showcasing nudity. Furthermore, we ask you to reconsider applying should your work feature painting your genitalia, showing errected penises and engagement in BDSM-pratices for the sole reason of portraying your personal development towards your sexuality. As a matter of fact, we all have naked bodies, so does the faculty of the Mythical Institution.


The application form may be filled out truthfully. Note that there are various conventions we would like our applicants to comply with.

1. As we won't be working with your actual name yet, the first part asks you to set a pseudonym.

2. The applicant may issue a description of their work in general and their motivation for participating in the programme (maximum 600 characters each - whitespace included).

3. You may submit the titles of the last three group or solo exhibitions you took part in. The Mythical Institution specifically asks for titles, since the exhibited work is ever so often of little consequence.

4. Review and submit your application.


The application form is unfortunately not available in the mobile version of this page.


We advise you to save your information in an external file to prevent loss of data. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a thorough review. Review your application before you submit, as you will not be able to make any changes after it has been handed in.

Set a pseudonym


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Please specify applicable media of your work
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Describe your work in general (max 600 characters)

Discuss your motivation of attending the programme (max 600 characters)

Please state the titles of your 3 most recent exhibitions

I agree to the processing of my submitted data in accordance with the information provided herein: My data may be stored for the duration of the application phase and beyond. I explicitly waive my rights on claiming ownership of my submission in the case of publication of submitted data. I hereby state, that the submitted name is a pseudonym and not my real name. I confirm that the form has been filled in truly and accurately.